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St. John's Drama Club

Formal/Semi-Formal Dance Dress Code

Look good. Look classy, Be modest. Be able to move.

Note: Prom Attire Encouraged


  1. Button-down dress shirt or collared shirt

  2. Dress pants (no jeans, denim, cargo pants, athletic pants or shorts)

  3. Tie and Jacket strongly encouraged

  4. Nothing too tight or excessively baggy


  1. No strapless or spaghetti straps. (Straps must be at least 2 fingers in width)

  2. No backless, halter or dresses with cutouts. (Backs should be no lower than 4-6 inches from the base of the neck)

  3. Skirts can be no shorter than the top of the knee and any slit can extend no higher than the top of the knee. The shortest part of a high low dress must meet this requirement as well as the shortest part of a dress with an overlay.

  4. No low cut dresses or tops (cleavage must be covered)

  5. No tight dresses or skirts

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