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Safety and Behavior


We are representatives of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our behavior must reflect that. It will be expected that each person (Adults and Teens) will conduct themselves in a proper manner in public places and that we will treat each other with respect and dignity. No rudeness or excessive rowdiness will be tolerated.  

Treat others with courtesy, consideration and respect.  Unacceptable language of any kind is not permitted including swearing, name calling, inappropriate jokes/stories, verbal bullying, etc. 

No Public Displays of Affection (PDA)

If you are told that your behavior is inappropriate, please stop immediately and refrain from this type of behavior at any Drama Club activity in the future.​



Bullying—in any form—is not allowed. It disrupts the learning environment and adversely affects everyone involved—those who are bullied, those who witness bullying and even those who bully.  Since the advent of the Internet and personal electronic communication devices, bullying has expanded to include cyberbullying.


Cyberbullying is defined as the use of information and communication technologies—such as e-mail, cell phone and page text messages, instant messaging, social media, and defamatory personal Web sites and online personal polling sites—to support deliberate, hostile behavior intended to frighten or harm others. Whereas traditional bullying was limited to direct confrontations, cyberbullying can happen anytime and be much more far reaching. When harassing language or pictures are posted to the Internet, the words and images can stay forever, which affects the victim far into the future. 

Refrain from actions that could result in injury and/or damage to property 

Neither vandalism nor stealing will be tolerated. Financial obligations that result from such behavior will be the sole responsibility of those found to be responsible.



  • Stage fighting may be allowed while under the direction of an adult leader, only as it relates to a show or theatrical activity.

  • Actual fighting will not be tolerated and may result in suspension. 

  • Members must refrain from the use of foul and obscene language, making threats to others, and excessive or uncontrollable outbursts of anger.


Traveling to and from Drama Club activities and events

  • Official Drama Club outings require a signed permission slip from a parent or legal guardian.

  • All members will be required to stay with the group unless otherwise instructed. 

  • Walking off without informing a chaperone will not be tolerated. 

  • Do not leave any activity, event, or trip before its published ending time unless approval from a parent or guardian has been given to one of the event coordinators “in person” or by phone.

  • Members must leave in the company of a parent, guardian, or have written permission to leave with anyone else.

  • Members may not ride with teen drivers during Drama Club field trips.

  • Sibling passengers of teen drivers are at the discretion of the parents. 


The follow items are prohibited from all Drama Club activities and events:

  • Weapons of any kind

  • Illegal drugs, and or their paraphernalia

  • Alcohol

  • Occult materials (tarot cards, horoscopes, Ouija boards etc)

  • Pornography

  • Fireworks



Electronic Devices


Cell phones and other electronic devices should remain in an off or silent mode during club activities.  Since the attention of members is expected, as a courtesy to presenters, patrons, and other club members, please do not bring outside distractions such as IPODs, Tablets, games, books, or other non-club related items to club events.  With permission of an adult leader, homework can be brought to work on during breaks.  Since we are a club, members are encouraged to spend break times in fellowship with other members.



Dress Code


The Drama Club dress code has both universal standards that apply in all situations and standards which are specific to the activity or event.  In some cases they may appear to contradict one-another. When in doubt, seek the advice of an adult leader or abide by the universal standards. In general, immodest or offensive clothing may not be worn to any Drama Club activity or event by any teen or adult member.


Universal Standards

Clothing should properly fit the individual and serve the intended purpose of covering the body for both warmth and modesty. Examples of clothing not permitted include, but are not limited to: 

  • Revealing midriffs

  • Short skirts

  • Short shorts

  • Necklines which show cleavage

  • Tops that could blouse open at the neckline during bending or other movement

  • Tank Top shirts or spaghetti straps are not permitted except as one of layers  

  • See-through or sheer clothing, unless as one of several layers

  • Tight jeans, pants or skirts

  • Jeans that are ripped above the knee (even stylishly ripped)

  • Half shirts

  • Tube tops

  • Halters

  • Pants will be worn properly about the waist at all times, underwear must not be visible


Activities and Events

Attire for general activities, workshops, and rehearsals should be comfortable, and activity appropriate. Some occasions may necessitate articles such as leotards or tights, loose fitting clothing, ballet or dance shoes, sport shorts or sweats. Directors and activities coordinators will give advance notice when such articles are recommended or required.


If the club attends a public event such as a community play or lecture, casual business attire is expected as a courtesy to our hosts. If attending a Church service as a group, a professional performance, or if requested by the activity director, members will be expected to dress more formally.

Any serious infractions of the above expectations should be brought to the attention of the Board.

Grossly inappropriate behavior could be cause for dismissal from the club



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