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How old must you be to audition?


In general, you may join the Drama club and start attending events, including auditions, at age 13.  In order to audition for the fall mainstage production, you must turn 13 on or before Sept. 30th of that year. 

What is the oldest age you can be to audition?


You may audition for a Drama Club production up to the age of 19 provided you are still in high school.  Graduating seniors are still eligible for the summer production immediately following their senior year.

What happens at auditions?


Those auditioning for musicals are asked to sing 16 bars of a prepared song and be prepared to learn and perform a few dance steps. Auditionees will read from a script with other auditionees for both musical and straight play auditions. You will be asked to stay for the entire period of your audition.


What are call backs?


Often directors want to see a group of actors again. Whether or not you are called back is not an indication of whether you will be cast or not.

Is there a fee for participating?


Unlike many other teen and children's theatre groups, the St. John's Drama Club does not charge a fee for participating in it's performances on top of the $10 per family annunal dues for being a member of the club.  However, all members are asked to help offset the significant costs of theatre rental, royalties, sets, costumes, make-up, and other expenses by participating in various fund raising activities.

What should we bring to the audition?


Please bring a completed audition sheet and complete list of conflicts with you to your audition.  If you are just joining the drama club or if it is time to renew your membership, please also bring a completed membership form and your $10 per family annual dues.

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